Reggae Sumfest 2019 - Media Accreditation Form

Thank you for your interest in Reggae Sumfest 2019. Please ensure that you read and understand all instructions before submitting your application. Please note that each media representative must complete a separate application form to be considered. All forms must be completed by Friday Jun 15, 2019. Failure to submit your application on time may affect your chances of being approved.

Personal Information *

Please fill out a different application form for each representative from your media house (if applicable) seeking approval for coverage.

Company Information *

Enter "Freelance' if you do not belong to or are not working for an organisation, along with a statement outlining your reason for covering the festival.
(doc,docx,pdf,jpeg,jpg,gif,png) All persons applying from an established media house must upload a letter of assignment.
(e.g. photographer, journalist, videographer, producer, etc)

Additional Information *

In order for your application to be considered you must upload proof of your most recent work on the event. If this is your first time applying for accreditation, please submit your coverage from an event similar to Reggae Sumfest. Proof may include: copies of actual printed articles, video footage, mp3 audio clips of interviews etc. A photograph/ID of you at the event does not constitute proof of coverage.